Friday, June 10, 2011

Lexicon ii in Idiom group exxhibition at SCA, March 2011

Lexicon ii
Communication of a purely abstract nature is explored in Lexicon ii (2010). The ellipse and linear forms are loosely based on the curves and constraints of letters from the English alphabet – in so far as font is made up of a series of lines and curves. Rather then spell a message the work consists of a series of signs made from raw components of opaque natural material and transparent coloured synthetic material. The material may be seen to reference signs from modern advertising however promote abstract concepts rather then explicit statement. Differing from the propaganda of advertising, this installation encourages the candid interpretation of abstract sculptural environments. As in a dictionary definitions are provided for words, as such, Lexicon ii (2010) asks for each sculptural component to be given an interpretation. In this instance paradoxically, by provoking definition the legacy of abstraction is drawn into focus, so too is the arbitrariness of words.
In this installation I hope to elicit multiple aspects of perception and interpretation from the viewer. This notion of the viewers experience is not just cognitive, but active in the composition as physical progression through the artwork is encouraged. This strategy of composition with installation includes the fragmentation and dispersal of identifiable elements with emphasis on process. For this reason this work will be broken down and reinvented as several other projects during a forthcoming residency at ARTSPACE, Sydney August – October 2011.


Photos by Joy Lai

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