Monday, February 7, 2011

Solo exhibition at Peloton Gallery, Sydney

Play of IO at Peloton Gallery in Chippendale, Sydney until 26th Feb, 2011

Photos by Adrian Gebers

Play of IO
The audio-visual installation entitled Play of IO (2011) is an exploration of the chiasm between perception and language. It consists of coloured fluorescent lights forming the letter "I" on the floor. Adjacent to the foundation letter "I" is a sound piece installed in the fireplace, emitting various permutations of the spoken letter “O”. This letter has been digitally manipulated and layered to elicit both meditative and sexual motif. Above the fireplace is a digital photographic print on watercolour paper of a huge human eye. The windows are masked in transparent coloured vinyl and allude to eyelids. The physicality of the eye as an orifice evokes the boundary or void in the “O” form. Furthermore, the sound of the letter “O” emitting out of the mouth and into the ears is at once pre linguistic, internally reflexive, coital and correspondent. As the viewer moves around the living-room like space various connections may be made: the pun with the eye and the letter “I,” the physicality of the human eye and the domestic architecture, the eeriness of sound coming from a fireplace, the way colour effects the psyche, repetition of the audio and physical form of “I” and “O.”   

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